Caer Dumatheon and Team Solacium

   (Note: Legend of Mythrala on left, Mythrala on right)

Luke Rodriguez

Class: Paladin

The leader of Caer Dumatheon, Luke Rodriguez, had at best, a turbulent childhood. His family was constantly on the run, but from what, he was never quite sure. In his teen years, his parents realized a life on the run was quite unstable to the psyche, and they enrolled him in the Academy of the Artes, an advanced technical academy. There, he mastered the art of sword-based combat and formed what would eventually become Caer Dumatheon. However, a childhood of trauma took its toll on him, and he occasionally digresses into a PTSD state.

Luke Rodriguez

Occupation: Captain, Astrophysicist

The leader of Team Solacium, Luke was the mastermind behind the initial Lukanian effort to prepare humanity for deep space exploration. However, this mission went horrendously wrong, as the serum that was developed (Tylorex) developed a mind of its own, and quickly infected half of his team. This caused a chain of events that led to the Republic of Lukania splitting in two, with large tensions between the newly formed Empire of Tyloria and the Lukanians. Luke blames himself for these events and has made it his personal crusade to find a cure for Tylorex and prevent an all-out galactic war.

Legolas Halavial

Class: Ranger

Born into a caste of high elves, Legolas was banished (he likes to say he was just too cool for them) by his family under the rulings of his father: a seer who envisioned the elves going down a dark path, who banished his son in order to protect him. Legolas wandered the forests of Tevinthial for many years until he helped rescue an agent of the academy of the artes from some bears, who sent him to the academy in return. At the academy, he trained his already accomplished archery skills, and now holds a powerful position in Caer Dumatheon.

Legolas Halavial

Occupation: Pilot, Psychologist

Legolas has been Luke's best friend for much of his life. They initially met at the Lukanian Academy, and quickly rose through the ranks, with Luke undertaking the physical sciences and Legolas the social sciences. Legolas has an inherent understanding of how people operate and fancies himself as quite a ladies man. He is also incredibly athletic and enjoys piloting the fastest craft that is available. While he portrays himself as incredibly rash and cocky, at heart he cares deeply about his friends, as he himself is no novice to loss, having lost the majority of his family in an accident several years ago.

Alex Bengali

Class: Druid

Alex never really knew what it was like to be rich. He was born as a peasant and spent a large part of his youth roaming the woods of Tevinthial. There he met Legolas, and they instantly became the best of friends. Alex is remarkably resourceful, and occasionally, he uses his knowledge to create dangerous situations in the forest, which he and Legolas would eventually "rescue" the wayward travelers from. He posed an elaborate ruse to a man who would later reveal himself to be from the legendary Academy of the Artes, and upon rescuing him from a group of hungry bears, he managed to secure both Legolas and himself spots in the Academy, where they helped to form Caer Dumatheon.

Alex Bengali

Occupation: Ecological Engineer, Field Expert

In an age of space exploration and excitement, nobody is more excited than Alex. Trained as an ecological engineer, Alex has an inherent fascination with different planetary environments, and joined the infinity project in order to see new worlds and discover new biomes. However, Alex also hates being in space and considers it a necessary evil. Alex seems to know a little bit about everything, and while he can be reserved at times, he always has the team's best interests at heart.




Bronco Ironflagon

Class: Fighter

Bronco has always had a thing for beer, and seeing as how he was born in a brewery, it makes logical sense. In an effort to become a non-discriminatory institution, the Academy occasionally sends agents to the Dwarven Lands. One day when an agent was recruiting the dwarves, he happened upon Bronco in a barfight, and after seeing him take out half the bar with his namesake iron-flagon (and soon after fall over in a drunken stupor), he was hooked. When Bronco woke up in a dorm, he was at first confused, but upon seeing that they served free beer at the academy tavern to all top fighters he decided to stay. If you ask Bronco, though, he says he got so drunk, the gods sent him to heaven, where he could fight all day, and drink all night! He joined Caer Dumatheon after trying some of Legolas' elven wine, vowing to show the man how to really drink.

Brianna Starforge

Occupation: Mechanical Engineer

Brianna has always defied expectations. born into a family of bakers, Brianna had a natural aptitude for mechanical systems from a young age and has quickly moved up the ranks as one of the best mechanics in the galaxy. However, this never seems to get to her head, as she constantly tries to improve herself  and build things bigger, better, and bolder. While she has a fairly crude sense of humor, this was a product of her uprising, and she often says things that can easily be taken the wrong way. Brianna plays a dwarf in Mythrala because they're the closest thing to a mechanic in a medieval setting, but she's not gonna play a girl dwarf because they don't exist (or so she says).



Ignal Bunsen

Class: Bard

Ignal was always a bright one, even for a gnome. A master alchemist, Ignal spent his youth mixing elixirs and doing other assorted gnome based things. He has more relatives than he knows what to do with, and believes everything can be cured with mushrooms. His work in mushroom-based healing attracted the attention of the Academy, where he went to train in the art of Alchemy. He joined Caer Dumatheon upon hearing that they lacked a gnome because every respectable group has a gnome. It's in the scones!


Ignacio Bartramite

Occupation: Computer Engineer, Gunner

Ignacio is a technologist, with a fan of all forms of technology except for robotics (for personal reasons). He grew up playing and building games and simulations, and was one of the original developers of Mythrala. While usually very stoic, once a topic of interest is brought up, Ignacio's obsessive aspect comes out, and he won't stop talking unless stopped. This level of obsessiveness carries on in many aspects of his life, as he is meticulous about always looking his best, and tends to stray away from dirt. Plenty of time in Mythrala has also made Ignacio an expert marksman, and while this would normally be a niche skill, with times of war approaching, this skill may quickly be put to use.

Serena Radiano

Class: Wizard

Serena was born to a conservative family, who believed that the will of the Gods was the only will worth mentioning. Serena however, thought otherwise and so rebelled, by practicing magic. The more religious her parents became, the more she rebelled, until eventually, she caught the attention of the Academy, after a series of magic driven exploits. At the Academy, Serena failed at first, until her parents became the local bishops, which pushed her to the top of the class, and as far away from godliness as possible. She was fascinated by Caer Dumatheon's developments in non-faith based healing, and quickly joined, as that would be the last thing her parents would want.

Serena Radiano

Occupation: Medical Doctor

Serena is often seen as the binding tie that holds Team Solacium together. A graduate of the Lukanian School of Medicine, Serena often takes a holistic approach to medicine that extends both physiologically and psychologically. This level of maturity makes some see her as the true leader of Team Solacium, especially given Luke's apparent coldness after the Infinity Incident. She cares deeply about her team, and often this level of care is misinterpreted as sexual attraction (usually by Legolas) to sometimes comedic effect.





The Nyascara and ?

(Note: Legend of Mythrala on left, Mythrala on right)

Tinjaldo (TJ) Boshkovo

Class: Antipaladin

Like every Negarese child, TJ was kidnapped at birth (as one of the consequences of the Negaral Transformation is sterility), and so has trace memories of his true family. He was raised in one of the chief noble clans in the Negaran Empire and is skilled in both the tactical and physical ends of many forms of combat. He is the leader of the Nyascara and is never one to be trifled with.








Tinxaldo (Tinx) Riveldala

Class: Mage/Theif

Tinx is a high elf, one who was one of the prime leaders in helping the High Elves join the Negaran Empire. He is skilled in the arts of diplomacy and deception, and while he would rather talk himself out of a fight, he can be a skilled combatant if needed. Nobody is quite sure where his allegiances lie, and some see him as the true leader of the Nyascara.








Taborak (Tim) Zenithia

Class: Deathstalker Cleric

A high priest of the Deathstalkers, Tim started as a lowly commoner in the Negaran Empire, until he was chosen by Dregvall, god of the night, as the next chosen of the Deathstalkers. Tim trained within their ranks for years, but mysteriously left the group days before the Chosen ceremony, where Dregvall would possess him and lay waste to all enemies of the cult. Tim wandered for some time, always evading the attempts by the Deathstalkers to subdue him, and has joined the Nyascara, in hopes that they will help further his goals.



Tas Sval

Class: Sorcerer

Born many ages ago, Tas was a great mage in life, and when nearing the end of his life, used his magic to preserve himself eternally in undeath, as a lich. By far the oldest member of the Nyascara, Tas is closest to Tim, as he met him within the ranks of the Deathstalkers, and many see him as the one who coerced Tim into forsaking them. Tas has his moments of temporary insanity, but most times, he is a perfectly lucid individual, as long as one never mentions that he is undead.










Ragtharr Roftost

Class: Barbarian

Ragtharr was born to a large family, but was seen as the weakest of the clan, so he was left out in the wilds to survive. He was found by the Roftost clan, a group of orcs who took him in as a son, and raised him with as much love as an orc can manage. He was sent to the Negaran Empire to help secure a greater spot in the social food chain for orc-kind and is seen as a hero among orcs. He joined the Nyascara upon hearing of their mission and is one of the toughest fighters in the realms.









Zaliya Prahat

Class: Assassin

Zaliya was born in the eastern territories and is both exotic and deadly. She traveled to the Negaran Empire upon hearing of the endless possibilities for wealth and power in the nation, and rose to prosperity, through means of her own. After murdering one of the chief merchants in Negara, she was chased down, but spared for her incredible skills in both the blade and deception. She has now been tasked with assisting the Nyascara, with the promise that once she assists them with their goal than she can have not only her freedom but anything else she desires.












Other Characters

(Note: Legend of Mythrala on left, Mythrala on right)

Lord Hidalgo Casomyr

Class: Nobleman

Lord Casomyr, Cousin to the King, King Upton Casomyr, is a noble who, until fairly recently, has been unknown to the general public. He is a strong lord, who treats his subjects fairly, but who has quite a number of mysterious visits to his mountain estate. Some say he is involved in far more than he appears to be, but those notions are often dismissed as petty rumors.









Lady Danica Casomyr

Class: Seer

Longtime wife to Lord Casomyr, Lady Danica is an accomplished seer, who at times serves as one of the premier faculty members at the Academy. She is older than her looks suggest, and many people suspect that she has an enchantment of eternal youth upon her (although nobody would ever suggest this to her openly, as they would most likely not survive the encounter).












Elizabeth Casomyr

Class: Wizard

Daughter of Lord Casomyr, Elizabeth is seen as the heir to his realm and is constantly in training for her future duties. She is soon to enroll in the academy, and will train in the Mystical arts, as her mother "suggested" she do. Having been raised in a life of privilege, Elizabeth is oblivious to many of the aspects of the world, and will be in for quite a shock upon enrollment.